Client Business Types We Have Served

Industrial Processes,

Major Data Centers,

Information Technology / IT / MIS Systems,

Independent Telephone Company's,

Cellular Sites,


Critical Care Facilities,

Stock Exchanges, 

Commodity Exchanges,


Field Service Organizations,

Military Bases,


Electrical Contractors,

Oil Refineries,


Explosives Magazines,

Petroleum / Petrochemical Facilities,

Gas Industry,

Point Of Sale Systems,

Gas Separation Facilities,

Diagnostic Imaging (CT - MRI - Lithotripsy, Mobile & Fixed Site)

Operators and Manufacturers,

Surge Protection Manufacturers,

Broadband Communications Equipment Manufacturers,

Prestigious (Ivy League) University's Electrical Engineering Laboratory for cyrogenic microelectronic research,


Worlds Largest PC / Business Printer Manufacturer,

Digital Earth Link Satellite Studios,

Boeing Aircraft Systems Manufacturers,

Military Air Ground Combat Center,


Sewer & Water Works Facilities,

Border Patrol Facilities & Sensors,

Subway Video Security Systems,

Telephone Company Central Offices (Switches), etc.